A14 Updates December 2017

Winter has officially started, but thanks to long periods of dry conditions, our earthworks season extended well into November. Bridge structures are rising steadily along the whole route of the scheme and traffic will soon be able to travel on a brand – new section of the A1 at Brampton. The latest ‘flythrough’ can be viewed on YouTube 

Sections 1 & 2 – Alconbury to the East Coast Main Line
Section 3 – East Coast Main Line to Swavesey
Sections 4 & 5 – Swavesey to Milton

Traffic Management
Sections 1 & 2: Night time closures will continue on the A1 north of Alconbury during vegetation clearance for the next few weeks. Narrow lanes and a 40mph speed limit is in force on the A1. The northbound off slip road at Brampton Hut will be closed from 21:00 hrs on Friday 17 November and will re – open at 06:00 hrs on Monday 20 November.

Section 3: There will be closures on Conington Road on the 2 & 3 December and 9 & 10 December .

Sections 4 & 5: Narrow lanes and speed restrictions continue on the A14 between Swavesey and the Girton interchange. Speed is limited to 40 mph in this area and speed cameras monitor compliance.

An extension to the tra ffic management 40 mph section of the eastbound A14 carriageway towards the Girton interchange is underway.

Lane closures are in place on the eastbound A428 at the Madingley turn – off and on the northbound A1307 between Girton Road and the A14.

Construction Activities

Steel Beams for several structures continue to arrive on site from the factory in Darlington these will arrive at both the viaduct that will take the A14 traffic over the A1 and at the Ouse Crossing, gradually heading towards and join the bridge over the north coast railway line. Vegetation clearance continues on the A1 north of Alconbury during night time closures.

On the east side of the existing A1, the Cock Brook culvert extension is now complete and sits ready waiting to be part of the new southbound carriageway.

The traffic switch at Brampton has taken place allowing work to begin on widening the northbound approaches to the junction and the A1 over the existing A14. This includes north bound traffic being taken off the ol d A1 road and onto the all new carriageway, pictured below, marking another chapter in the life of the Great North Road.

Section 3: We have recently lifted our first beam onto the bridge that will take the A14 over the East Coast Mainline. The first lift, which took place on Saturday 18 November was very successful. Further beam lifts will be carried out at around 1am on Sunday morning for the next two weekends. A 500t crawler crane remains on site to complete the works during weekend possessions.

Other structures across this part of the scheme are at varying stages of development, as detailed last month.

Sections 4 & 5:

The temporary Bailey bridge situated near to the Swavesey Junction was successfully removed on the evening of Saturday 25 November.

The Trinity Foot pub, which was sadly derelict has now been demolished to make way for the new Swavesey junction. This operation took place over 5 days, and the area has now been cleared prior to commencement of construction of the junction, next spring.

The new bridge, which carries the new A14 to M11 link road over the realigned eastbound carriageway of the existing A428 carriageway, has been completed as per our original programme.




The approach embankments are supported by reinforced soil walls and wing walls to the back of the column lines.

– Key facts about the bridge92m long and 25m wide structure
– It has 36 columns which are 2m square with height varying between 6m to 9m
– The bridge deck is 1.35m thick containing 3,500m3 of concrete

Work has started to build the structures for the new Swavesey junction.

At Bar Hill, we are constructing a temporary slip road to the west of the existing interchange. When this comes into use, traffic exiting or joining the east bound carriageway of the A14 will be switched onto th e new alignment. The first switch is planned for spring 2018. This will enable us to start work on 4 new bridges and construct ion of a new roundabout over the A14. We’ll also construct a large new pond within the junction into which rain water from Bar Hill will flow .

The bailey bridge that was recently removed from across the carriageway at Swavesey will be taken to a storage location where it will be lengthen . It will be reinstalled over the A14 close to the Girton interchange in Spring 2018. Look out for the supporting banks which are already taking shape on either side of the road.

Our 200+ archaeologists are still working hard to uncover all the known archaeological items of interest across the project.
Once areas have been cleared of items of interest (finds) we can begin the construction process.
We hope to share information on the items found with you in the next few months.
The archaeology work in some areas will continue well into 2018.

Community Engagement
In section three, we received a request from Fenstanton Hilton Primary School for help with fencing to improve safety in the school car park. We were delighted to be able to help and delivered over 40 m of crowd control fencing to the school, for which they were extremely grateful.

Further community works will include a visit to Godmanchester Rovers to help improve their car parks.

Farewell to the Trinity Foot

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