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Cambridgeshire County Council – Flood Alleviation

Dear Residents

Cambridgeshire County Council is working with consultants Arcadis ( on a project in respect of flood alleviation at Bar Hill.

Part of this project involves developing a computer based model of the sources, pathways and receptors for flooding in Bar Hill.

In order to improve how the model predicts flooding, surveyors will be visiting Bar Hill between the 2nd & 16th September 2019, to collect the following information in the following roads:

Appletrees, Foxhollow, Hollytrees, Robin Close, Pheasant Rise, Little Meadow, Stonefield and Hillcrest.

  1. Your property threshold. This is the lowest height at which any flood water outside your property could start to enter your property. For example this would usually be your front or back door sill.
  2. The height reached by flood water in any previous flood event (if applicable). If you can remember a point or location that was reached by flood water in a previous flood event, please let the surveyors know. For example, you might recall that floodwater was four bricks high, reached your bottom step or came halfway up your drive. Please note that you do not have to provide this information if you would prefer not to.
  3. Whether your roof drains to a soakaway rather than the public sewer network. A soakaway will allow the rain water that runs off your roof and into the gutter, to soak into the surrounding ground whereas typically this water would enter the underground pipes which make up the sewer network.

The surveyors will not need to enter your house and you do not need to be in when they visit. The surveyors will carry ID and a letter of authority.

If you would prefer not to have your property surveyed or have any concerns about the work, please contact Brian Heffernan at Cambridgeshire County Council by e-mail or 01223 715676

In respect of the community flood action initiative, my colleague Gabriella Yeomans, has provided the information attached to this e-mail in respect of this matter from Groundwork, the organisation with which the council has had discussions.

Groundwork suggested some dates below for an initial call with the community coordinators but they have indicated they are flexible with respect our collective availability.

  • 10th September, 3-4pm
  • 16th September, 3-4pm
  • 17th September, anytime
  • 23rd September, 2pm onwards
  • 25th September, 2pm onwards
  • 30th September, 2pm onwards

I hope this information is of some assistance and if you have any queries in respect of this matter, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Heffernan

Cambridgeshire County Council

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