A14 Road closures Bar Hill – Friday 13th – Monday 16th 2019

A14 Road closures Bar Hill

13th to 16th December, the 69m middle section of the non-motorised user (NMU) bridge will be moved into place at Bar Hill.  A14 will be closed to East and West bound traffic between Bar Hill (Junction 25, formerly J29) and Girton J31, from Friday 13th December 9pm until Monday 16th December 5am to facilitate safe transportation of the bridge.

The local access road between Bar Hill and Oakington roundabout will remain open, as will access to Bar Hill / Longstanton over the new roundabout from B1050 Hattons Rd. The westbound entry slip onto the A14 at Bar Hill will be open but there will be no access to the A14 eastbound.

Eastbound traffic

  • Through traffic on A14 will have a signed diversion off the A14 at the new Godmanchester Junction 23 along the A1198 and onto A428.
  • Any local traffic from Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Ives etc can join the local access road (was the old A14) at Godmanchester and travel as far as Bar Hill, where it will follow the local access road to the Oakington roundabout and Dry Drayton bridge.
  • Local traffic wishing to travel further east on A14 will need to follow diversion at Godmanchester onto the A1198 / A428.
  • Access to Lolworth village will be remain open from the eastbound A14.

Westbound traffic

  • From Milton / Histon on A14 will not be able to use the Girton loop which will be shut and will be diverted along the A428, north on A1198 to re-join the A14 at the new Godmanchester Junction 23
  • From M11. Highways England overhead gantries will advise (providing an incident doesn’t take priority) as far south as Stansted that the A14 is closed between Oakington/Dry Drayton junction 30 and Bar Hill Junction 25.  Traffic will be diverted off M11 at J13 onto the A1303 then A428 and A1198 again to Godmanchester
  • Local traffic will still be able to use the A14 to J30 Dry Drayton exit and then over the bridge to the Oakington Roundabout and along the LAR into Bar Hill / Longstanton (or re-join the A14 WB) as currently.

Highways England

Public Helpline: 0800 270 0114