Help During Corona Virus Outbreak

The County Council has set up a Countywide Hub.  It is focused on ensuring critical public services, and the most vulnerable residents, receive the support they need.

For people or groups who want to offer their support in this way, they should complete the online form at OR

Work is continuing to ensure information on the web sites, including how to ask for help, is made as clear as possible.

Details of people wanting to volunteer will be reviewed, and volunteers will be matched to specific activities. Details of volunteers will be shared across the Hubs network, to ensure that all needs are met.

The network of District/City Hubs will focus on supporting community-based activity and individuals who contact them or who they identify because they need some assistance

The County Council has had confirmation from more than 1,000 local people that they wish to help. They’ve also had lots of information from community and mutual aid groups that have set up at speed to support the effort. They are keen to capture these details in an easy format and have created a separate link to the Cambridgeshire Directory, and will be replicating this for the Peterborough version – content will be added at pace in the coming days and weeks. They will also be launching an app to allow anybody that needs help to identify and reach out to local offers of support direct. District Councils too are collating data about local provision to make sure that wherever someone asks for help or support, they can easily find it.

Redeployment of staff

In both Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, details of staff available for redeployment have been captured. Redeployment may be necessary into critical front-line services, or to support community action or individuals at the highest risk. These staff members are ready to be redeployed now. They have already been able to provide additional capacity via this route to the County Council contact centre, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust and the Foodbank network in Peterborough.

Requests for help

The Hub network is working hard to identify those people who are thought to might be in need of help and support – for example, those who need to self-isolate, those who are vulnerable or excluded, and those who are worried about their wellbeing. The Hubs will also receive data direct from NHS England about the people who need to be ‘shielded’ from the virus for 12 weeks because of their significant health issues.

The Hubs network will be proactively reaching out to these groups, to make sure they know how to get the help and support they may need. However, they are also keen to receive direct contact from anybody across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough who needs help and support, or referrals from Councillors and others where you know of residents in this situation.

Whether making direct contact or making a referral, people should use the contact details at the end of this briefing note

NHS Volunteers

Everyone is aware that the Government has now launched NHS Volunteers, to specifically recruit people who can support the NHS at this critical time. It is very likely that many of the 1,000+ volunteers registered with the Countywide Hub are also offering to volunteer with the NHS. This is of course absolutely fine – there is so much work to be done at all levels and across all disciplines. For-simplicity however, we are suggesting that volunteers with a clinical-type background register with NHS Volunteers, whereas others who want to volunteer their time in community-based activity, OR in non-NHS related public services, register with us.

We will receive more details in the coming days about how the national scheme will operate, including how it will link into local areas

Shielded Group

There are around 1.5million people nationally who need to be shielded from the virus for at least 12 weeks because of serious health and medical conditions. Every one of those people is being contacted by the NHS to advise them of this, and to ask whether or not they have a reliable support network in place to make sure they receive food and medicines, and other supplies, to prevent them from having to leave their homes.

Those who don’t have such a network will be provided with food and medicines via a national scheme which is being developed with food wholesalers, supermarkets and community pharmacies. However, people in this situation may also need additional support – for example, befriending, delivery of magazines and books, and other social-type support, and this is a role that our Hubs network will fulfil. This social-type support will also be extended to anybody in the shielded group if required. They have now received the first set of details of people in the shielded group category, and are in the process of contacting all of them to make sure they have what they need for the next 72 hours.

Contacting the Countywide Hub.

The contact details for the Countywide Hub are as follows:

or by email