Parish Meetings

Unfortunately, some of our meetings had to be cancelled due to Government restrictions relating to coronavirus. We resumed by Zoom* (remote meetings) on 30 April 2020. It is not clear when face to face meetings can re-commence in the Council’s meeting room due to social distancing therefore Zoom meetings will continue until further notice.Meetings commence at 7pm, unless otherwise advised, and are normally held on the 3rd Thursday of the month except August and December. Additional meetings may be called in exceptional circumstances, including to respond to planning applications where a response is required by the Planning Authority before the Parish Council’s next scheduled meeting.
Full Council Meetings
16 July 2020
August – none
17 September 2020
15 October 2020
22 October 2020 – Annual Parish Meeting (following
cancellation in May due to coronavirus)
19 November 2020
26 November 2020 (Precept Meeting)
10 December 2020
21 January 2021
18 February 2021
18 March 2021
15 April 2021
20 May 2021 (Annual Meeting of the Council)
17 June 2021
2021 Annual Parish Meeting provisionally 29 April 2021
Environment and Amenities Committee Meetings
E&A meetings had to be cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions and urgent issues were dealt with at the Full Council Meetings from April. It is expected that the E & A Committee will re-commence by remote meetings using Zoom in September.
E&A meetings commence at 7.00pm on the 1st Wednesday in the month, normally 5-7 meetings per year, provisional dates are:
2 September 2020
4 November 2020
3 February 2021
3 March 2021
5 May 2021
2 June 2021In accordance with Standing Orders:
• Agendas for Full Council and Committee meetings are published normally at least 3 clear days before the meeting (excluding Sundays and PH).
• Items for the agenda and all supporting documents/reports must be placed with Clerk at least 10 days before the meeting.
• Minutes are posted on the website and village noticeboard soon after approval by the Council.
• Each meeting provides for public forum where members of the electorate may speak in respect of items on the agenda.
Any queries please contact the office in the first instance.
*The Coronavirus Act 2020 s.78 and The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.